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Learning in Häme

Education is the key word when the development of Häme is considered. Know-how is the most valuable capital for both an individual as well as for businesses - indeed for the entire community. Education creates the conditions for the development of the local economic life and demand for labour force. The consequences can be seen in the quality of life and the wellbeing of the people. The symbiotic relationship between education and economic life is not only natural but also necessary. 

In Häme, we have systematically invested in education that is of high quality, as well as in the cooperation between various educational fields and businesses. We can offer versatile, high-class study choices beginning from vocational and secondary education all the way to college level studies. University studies are provided by local units of the University of Tampere. High-quality adult education facilitates lifelong learning and further studies of the personnel of companies.

Häme offers an excellent study environment. For students, rent is cheaper, distances shorter and cost of living lower than in big cities. In Häme, students can afford to have more on the menu than just rice and tuna. 

Increase your most valuable capital in Häme.