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Häme is a region of happy inhabitants

Where you make your home is one of the most important decisions in your life. Many of us dream of our own home with a big yard, surrounded by nature and beautiful sceneries. It should be a place where the whole family feels at home, where services are close, where your workplace is close and where it is safe to live. It is a big decision, and you often find that you should be happy with the choice you make for years, or even for decades. The 11 municipalities of Häme offer living environments for every taste. You can either choose to live in a town or consider the possibilities offered by the countryside - a lot of space and affordable living either close to all the services or far from civilization.

Come and get to know us and familiarise yourself with our competitive power - only one hour away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland!

Sub-region of Forssa

Sub-region of Hämeenlinna

Sub-region of Riihimäki