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Traveller's Häme

Whatever the season, you are always welcome in Häme. In Häme, you can find fantastic surroundings both for laid-back relaxation as well as for spending a more active vacation. Take a look at what we have to offer here:

The beautiful nature and wilderness of Häme provides excellent possibilities for a kayaking trip or a hiking trip in the summer, picking berries and mushrooms and hiking in the autumn, as well as skiing in the winter. In the spring, one can admire the nature waking up from its winter slumber in, for example, the forest park of Aulanko.

In the summer, Häme is the holiday destination favored by families. There is enough to do, to see, and to experience for several days. The most versatile theme park in Finland, Puuhamaa, the Aulanko spa and the spa Vesihelmi are the favorite places of families. You can enjoy a good night's sleep in a hotel, in farm holiday accommodation or in a cabin by a lake.

For golf enthusiasts, Häme offers various wonderful choices. A total of eight golf courses are ready to receive visitors and to provide them with stimulating game experiences. In Häme, you can naturally also enjoy the authentic, Finnish lake sceneries. The unique lake cruises take you to touring, for example, a wine and garden estate, or you can simply choose to enjoy the midsummer sun on an evening cruise.

Welcome to the hospitable Häme!