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Maps and distances

"Only an hour" could be considered our motto. Häme is located in the middle of the southern Finland and it takes only an hour or even less to get there from the bigger cities such as Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Getting from one place to another is made even easier by, for example, the railroads crossing the area and Helsinki-Tampere highway. Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Tampere-Pirkkala airport are both only about an hour away.


By car
Driving means you can make your own choices. You can either take the motorway to Häme, or drive along smaller roads and visit towns and villages.
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By train
You can stop at Hämeenlinna along the Helsinki-Tampere main railway line. You can read or plan your trip on the train, or even enjoy a meal. You have one hour's time.
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By bus
Taking the bus to Häme from any southern urban center is easy and comfortable.
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